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Judy Flander
2 min readOct 21, 2020

My work as a Washington journalist began in 1970 when my husband, Murray Flander, and I moved to D.C. from Coalinga, CA. We had been putting out our newspaper, The Coalinga Record, a prize- winning weekly, for the past eight years.

Murray had accepted the position of press secretary to the newly elected U.S. Sen. Alan Cranston, D-Ca. Subsequently, over the decade, I was a copy editor for the Washington Post, and worked for the Washington Daily News and Washington Star, mostly as a general assignment reporter. My arrival in the Washington press corps coincided with the resurgence of the feminist movement, dormant for almost 50 years after women finally got the right to vote. And later as a syndicated television columnist.

Here are links to my three Medium publications each gathering articles written from a different perspective:

  • Second Wave Feminists — their impact on politics and women
  • Personalities in Entertainment and Media — a personal connection
  • Small Town Life — juggling family, children and a newspaper


Washington DC in the 70’s. History was in the making. Women were emerging in a man’s world. And now, when their rights are being threatened physically and politically I think it’s time to look back at the actions of those valiant, uppity women.

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Judy Flander is an entertainment feature writer and television critic who for many years during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s wrote insightful interviews of many well known people, and some not so well known then, were published in newspapers and magazines across the US.

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Judy Flander’s weekly columns from the 60's, Personally Yours printed in The Record, a weekly newspaper in Coalinga, a small town in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Stories of her sons’ adventures and her own.

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Judy Flander

American Journalist. As a newspaper reporter in Washington, D.C., surreptitiously covered the 1970s’ Women’s Liberation Movement.