Five Supreme Court Conservatives Won’t Block It. Most other Republican states plan to copy Texas’ anti-abortion lead as soon as possible.

A treasure trove of stories and interviews from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s — small town to Washington DC to Hollywood

Either he is a ‘short, dumpy, rumpled man,’ or he is a ‘tall, lean and pantherlike.’

“These long floating chiffons make any woman — small, tall, fat or skinny — pretty. But at $600 I could buy a color TV.”

His beguiling book, “More Than What You See,” illustrates with a profusion of his poetry, art, and photographs.

California before Coalinga

Judy Flander

American Journalist. As a newspaper reporter in Washington, D.C., surreptitiously covered the 1970s’ Women’s Liberation Movement.

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